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I’ve previously offered pre-written content to co-ops on a pledged basis – where a number of co-ops commit funding to make the content available to ALL co-ops for FREE. And I’m doing it again! It’s genuinely the cooperative principles of Economic Participation and Cooperation Among Cooperatives combined! And I couldn’t be more excited. This prewritten material would have been SOOOO helpful to me way back when and I want YOU to have access to it NOW.

These last few months I’ve been working with some pretty amazing cooperators – Jon Steinman, author of The Grocery Story, and Rachel Rachel Dominguez-Benner of Rachel DB Creative – to create some pretty awesome content (we’re talking videos, posts, newsletter articles!) that you can customize to your co-op and use immediately!

Stay tuned. More info is coming soon.

Thanksgiving is a time of year for reflection for me. It reminds me that I have so very much to be grateful for, including the significant work I get to do every day. The cooperative movement is a powerful force. I believe strongly that a cooperative way of business is a better way of business …

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When a new volunteer joins our efforts it’s important to make them feel welcome, prepared, and useful! Katie will share with you a checklist to make sure new volunteers are your co-op hitting the ground running! The next Coffee with Katie is scheduled for November 30 at 12 noon CST. Coffee with Katie is a …

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Has your co-op leveraged the fact that we are in the midst of National Co-op Month? Don’t worry, it’s not too late if you haven’t! Celebrating this month is a great way to gain attention for your co-op while building credibility within your community AND growing owners! Check out these great resources to get you …

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