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Raising millions of dollars to finally build your dream grocery co-op is often complex, unfamiliar, and just plain overwhelming.

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If you don't follow Start.coop, you should. They have a great newsletter that is jam-packed with great resources. In this month's newsletter, they announced their new Job Board, a place to easily find and share cooperative job opportunities. I am often asked by co-ops where to post job openings - especially for the role of …

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We'll discuss what neighborhood canvassing is, why it's useful, execution tips, and ways to measure your success!  Join Katie on January 26, 2023, at 12 noon CST! This session will be recorded and distributed to all who have registered. Feel free to invite other members of your co-op to attend! Coffee with Katie is a …

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Last year at this time I was inspired by my work with Southside Food Co-op in Chicago to learn more about the connections between Kwanzaa and Cooperative Principles. It's invigorating and exciting to learn more about this African-American celebration and how it so closely relates to the cooperative movement. I am by no means anything …

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