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Customized owner tracking and fundraising tools that leverage cooperation among cooperatives.

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Raising millions of dollars to finally build your dream grocery co-op is often complex, unfamiliar, and just plain overwhelming.

We've been through it, so we get it.

With CoApp, you'll have the tools and guidance you need so you can spend more time connecting with Owners.

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your volunteers.

Reach the right people at the right time with the right message

Leverage data-driven insights applied with every upgrade

Securely track all the funds needed to finally open your store

Partner with us to optimize and simplify raising funds.

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“Volunteers using CoApp are more successful than those who aren't."



"I can’t believe this hasn’t been developed sooner! Strong work! "



"It's a Godsend! It's beautiful, simple, clean, easy to use! "



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$4.2 million raised by co-ops with CoApp

Countless headaches avoided

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Join us TODAY, Thursday, Sep 15 at 12 noon CDT to learn all about CoApp and how it can help your co-op raise money and grow owners! Registration is required to claim your spot. Register NOW! CoApp is the only tool on the market designed to simplify cooperative fundraising. With CoApp you will: Looking forward …

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FCI Live is a two-week series of LIVE video events offered by the Food Co-op Initiative to the startup food co-op community that nourishes conversation within the movement and helps information spread rapidly about startup innovations and new trends in startup success. FCI LIVE includes a dynamic lineup of speakers and topics including CoApp Cofounders …

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I’ve previously offered pre-written content to co-ops on a pledged basis – where a number of co-ops commit funding to make the content available to ALL co-ops for FREE. And I’m doing it again! It’s genuinely the cooperative principles of Economic Participation and Cooperation Among Cooperatives combined! And I couldn’t be more excited. This prewritten …

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