Catch Jess & Katie at FCI LIVE

FCI Live is a two-week series of LIVE video events offered by the Food Co-op Initiative to the startup food co-op community that nourishes conversation within the movement and helps information spread rapidly about startup innovations and new trends in startup success.

FCI LIVE includes a dynamic lineup of speakers and topics including CoApp Cofounders Jess Buttimer and Katie Novak who will present the following sessions:

Using Data to Dive Decisions with Jess Buttimer  

September 26, 12 pm

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Recruiting Owners and keeping them engaged is tough, persistent work that involves countless decisions that can sometimes be fraught with uncertainty and conflict. Prairie Food Co-op board member, Jess Buttimer, will leverage her experience with co-ops, user research, and tech tools to share her insights on using data. Learn what data to leverage, how to get it, and how to use it to make decisions and maximize Owner engagement.

The Silent Phase of Fundraising with Katie Novak of Katie Novak Cooperative Coaching

September 29, 12 pm

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In the start-up co-op world, the “silent phase” of our fundraising efforts – the contributions committed BEFORE the capital campaign goes public – is often not talked about in much detail. Yet success in the “silent phase” is a reliable indicator of overall fundraising success. So, let’s talk about it! Fundraising expert Katie Novak will discuss details of the silent phase and how to know if your co-op is ready to start your fundraising efforts.

Registration for these (and many other awesome sessions) will open soon! Watch your email for more details.


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